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Coffee Facts

Coffee Facts

A good cup of coffee is like fine wine. There are various different types of coffee beans and these determine the flavors that the blend presents for the coffee connoisseur.

Many coffee makers blend a combination of the lower cost Robusta beans with the more expensive Arabica gourmet beans. The Arabica beans have a finer aroma, a richer flavor and more body than the less expensive beans.

The quality of the coffee is dependent on the proportions o...
Before You Purchase A Home Espresso Machine

Before You Purchase A Home Espresso Machine

Instead of running to your local coffee shop or favorite corner cafe for the perfect cup of espresso, consider making your own at home. If the thought of becoming a kitchen barista has you shaking without any caffeine, think again! There are a wide variety of espresso machines that are geared for home use, from the basic to the same machines used by the professionals. However, before you drop a couple hundred of dollars on that top of the line espresso machine, consider your...
Jamaican Blue Mountain - Coffee worth every penny

Jamaican Blue Mountain - Coffee worth every penny

The island of Jamaica is known for many things, sandy beaches, reggae music, Bob Marley, and coffee. The high regard for Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee among avid coffee drinkers has driven its price up to between $45 and $125 a pound. What is it about this particular brew that warrants such a high price tag?